Contribution to Human Society with our Efficient Distiller System

Desalination and Distiller System
Turbo - Mechanical Vapor Recompressions Distiller

MVR Distiller Application
•    Distillation of sea water, brackish water, infected underground water, malignant waste water through a very effective heat pump system using turbo mechanical vapor recompression method for production of high purity water for drinking and industrial reuse.
•    Appropriate for island region with drinking water insufficiency, inland region with underground water contamination and facilities creating malignant waste water .
Features of Turbo Mechanical Vapor Recompression System
•    Simple design and constituents, only electric power source needed for operation - no heat sources
•    World Best Efficiency (Low specific energy consumption, C.O.P > 20)
•    Easy maintenance due to a compact MVR system with high speed turbo steam compressor
•    Simple and reliable automation system without special crew training for operation
•    Easy full access to heat transfer surfaces and steam compressor for after service
•    Simple raw water pre-treatment, selectable H/X materials (sea water: Titanium, muddy river & underground water: STS316L, STS304)

Drinking Water Distiller System
Turbo-MVR Distiller system converting sea /dirty/infected/muddy water into clean drinking water.
•    Can be applied to any type of water: sea water, saline water, contaminated & infected ground/underground water, muddy water, etc.
•    No level of cleanliness of raw water required
•    No need for pre & post treatment
•    100% sterilization with high temperature: Naturally getting “ZERO” Virus water!
•    Available for small size/integrated and fixed type/transportable type : Can be installed in any location ( suitable size within 20 feet standard high cubic container)
•    No Need for Periodic Parts Replacement
•    No Chemicals Dosing
•    Automated Operation : No need for special operator

Mobile Type

Malignant Waste Water Treatment System
Malignant Waste Water Treatment System

High efficiency high speed Turbo MVR system converting waste water into clean renewable water & volume reduction
•    Effective for all types of non-volatile malignant waste water -> Multipurpose
•    Absolutely no periodic replacement of parts -> Reduces operating cost
•    Absolutely no use of chemicals -> Reduces operating cost
•    No need for sterilization -> 100% sterilization with high temperature -> Reduces operating cost
•    No special need for pre/post treatment system -> Takes the smallest installation space
•    Can be installed anywhere -> Cope with small demand
•    System reduced in size -> Transportable package (20 feet standard container size)

   Sample for malignant waste water treatment