Long life span, high efficiency and space spacing

To achieve fresh water for drinking and washing, vacuum distillation system is normally use in the isolated place such as on ships or on islands.
The DHP vacuum evaporating distiller utilizes heat from diesel engine coolant and LP steam by special steam jet heater.
The DHP vacuum evaporating distiller is base on the DHP's titanium plate heat exchager, one for evaporating of the heated brine and the other for condensing of the water vapor.
The vacuum chamber is kept by the seawater driven from condenser combination ejector.
Heated seawater is used as feed water (brine) for the evaporating and evaporating temperature is controlled by vacuum pressure.
Evaporating pure water vapor passes through deflector, demister and moving water droplets and then enters the condenser.
The pure water vapor condensed by cold seawater.
The distillated pure water pumped out by fresh water pump and checked salinity.
If the salinity exceeds the specified level, solenoid valve opens in the discharge line of the fresh water pump, this is automatic operation.
The salinity exceeds distilling water is returned to evaporating chamber.
5TPD Type Single-stage Fresh Water Generator


30TPD Type Single-stage Fresh Water Generator


Reliable Water
Superior purifying system with lower than 5ppm dissolved solids
Titanium Plate Heat Exchangers
Sea water resistance material
Low weight & Long life
Simple & Compact Design
Low operation & maintenance costs
Simple installation
High Performance of Fresh Water Control System
Low content of dissolved solids & salts is possible for supplying pure water
Automatic operation
Equipment Constructions
•    [Basic Equipment]
o   Titanium Plate Evaporator & Condenser
o    Vacuum Vessel assembly
o    Liquid jet combination ejector
o    Fresh water pump
o    Fresh water quality control system
•    [Additional Equipment for Operation]
o    Cooling water supply pump
o    Jacket water circulation pump
o    Brine anti-scale chemical dosing unit(@ Jacket water temperature above 75℃)
o    Extended control panel
•    [Optional Equipment]
o    Steam jet heater & control assembly for steam boosting
o    Extended control panel
o    Fresh water disinfection unit

Download DHP Catalouge: Feresh Water Generator