Today, Infectious and hospital wastewater, which contains a wide range of pollutants is very important. Infectious and hospital wastewater such as laboratory wastewater, dialysis units and other waste water contains contaminants such as radiopharmaceuticals, infectious waste, waste water containing medicinal compounds especially antibiotics. Entering Such wastewater to the city sewage system causing adverse effects on the line of urban wastewater treatment   and return biological water to the irrigation system in the absence of filtration and separation of the network, cause disease, resistance to drugs and adverse effects on society.


In this regard, this company has more than a dozen projects in this field to provide the following services:
- Treating all outgoing wastewater from hospital units and reach to the discharge standard of sanitation networks
- Remove radiology and radiological laboratories contaminants which have found their way into sewage system
- Infectious wastewater treatment of laboratory
- Treatment of sanitary unit output with a variety of additional drugs and antibiotics.
- Ability to return water to use in green space or reuse in the system