Output of dyeing and coloring units contains significant amounts of color and complex pollutants and are not easily removed by typical wastewater treatment systems. Suspended and floating contaminants and various other dissolved salts, constitute chemical nature of these wastewaters and with the non-normative depletion, contaminated the surface water and groundwater. One of the common problems in this type of wastewater treatment is  replacement of filters in a short period of time and costs is too much.
In this regard, Yasin Porozheh company by offering chemical wastewater treatment packages for dyeing and coloring units step towards the purification of wastewater and also reusing these wastewater is possible.


- Offering wastewater package containing organic and inorganic colors and types of solid and liquid contaminants in compliance with environmental standards of Iran
- Provide a complete package for advanced wastewater treatment of output plant so that water have reusability in industrial output.