Recently, water crisis passing from a national and trans- regional issue to becoming a global issue and point to that, wastewater treatment is one of the challenges facing the world in the last century. So, assisting different industries with this problem is an important step in achieving a clean environment.
Since the growing demand for water and wastewater treatment in the country, Yasin Pajooh's laboratories provide consulting and searching scientific solution with experienced professional's team to provide services to the industry of the country.
The importance of rapid access to accurate information for industries planning, and also monitoring polluting industries in preserving the environment , makes Yasin Pajooh's team to establishing a trustworthy laboratory for water and wastewater tests to resolve the country's needs . We do variety of tests for a wide range of samples in our laboratories. Our laboratory use all their capacity to work as a reliable reference for all the industries tests in the shortest time with highest accuracy.


Water and wastewater services in Yasin Pajooh's laboratory:
•    Measuring the conductivity of pure water according to USP standards.
•    Measure pH of solutions with accuracy of 0.001 in the temperature range of 5-100 ° C.
•    Measuring cations at low concentrations (micrograms per liter)
•    Measurement anions such as fluoride, nitrate and nitrite, phosphate at low concentrations (nanograms per liter)
•    Measurement Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
•    Measurement of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
•    Alkalinity
•    Measurement of TDS
•    Measurement of TSS
•    Measurement of water hardness
•    Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen(DO)
•    Determination of ozone dissolved in water
•    Permanganate index
•    Measurement of hydrazine
•    Measurement of heavy metal ions such as Sn, Hg, Al, Fe, Mn, Cu, Cd, As, Pb, Ag, Co,  Mo & Cr