Filtering of industrial wastewater contaminated with oil (oily waste) is one of the most important parts of an industrial wastewater treatment in factories and manufacturing companies, machinery construction factories and all companies that CNC machines are working on them. Machining and grinding factories, due to the use of soluble oil in machinery and equipment, as a  covalent (cooling of devices), at the end of the work, are facing with large volumes of oily wastewater and purification of these wastewater due to the nature of their contamination is important. Research shows that these compounds are highly toxic and carcinogenic and when this solution become dirty, the performance of the device will impair.

Installing accessories systems that increase the lifetime of covalent or soapy water can be reduced discharge period from 4 times a year  to once a year and guarantees the safety of operation. The benefits of installing the restored system and final filtration of covalent can be mentioned the following:
- Extending the life of equipment up to 30%
- Increase the lifetime  of consumption covalent up to 4 times
- Prevent corrosion from apparatus and equipment
- The operator safety and prevent skin and lung allergies
- Protect the environment and prevent pollution in groundwater (In case of covalent evacuation used to absorbing well)


- Consultation for starting and building workshops for advanced and primary purification of covalent
- Installing and setting up advanced and preliminary systems for large industrial units centrally or  small industrial units  in device to device format
- Consultation to create the needed infrastructure to set up the advanced and preliminary wastewater treatment unit
- Installation covalent Laboratory Testing, daily, weekly and monthly
- Installation of water supply system for making of covalent