Increasing electroplating workshops and the use of various chemical materials in the plating process, creates a hazardous chemical waste from these units which if not treated properly, created irreparable damage to the environment, groundwater as well as employees working in these units.
Plating bath used in the plating and coating industry are generally contain hexavalent chromium, cadmium, nickel, tin and other heavy metals, their effluent are strongly acidic or alkaline which is composed of various pollutants. So, industry leaders in this field should be filtration such waste in their own units and prevents problems for the general public. In this regard, Yasin Porozheh company by offering chemical wastewater treatment packages with the highest efficiency for the removal of contaminants and proportional output with the environmental standards of Iran,


provide services to all industries, including services that may be mentioned the following:
- Provide a complete package of acidic wastewater containing heavy metals and hexavalent chromium
- Provide a complete package of alkaline wastewater containing cyanide and heavy metals such as zinc and cadmium
-  Provide a package of waste oil separator from grease units
- Providing advanced filtration system for final treatment and effluent water back into the production cycle (water production plant)